9 Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Autumn


Cozy Up Your Bedroom for the Cool Autumn Season

Autumn is the air and cooler nights are ahead. What better way to welcome in the autumn season than to refresh your bedroom with  a touch of coziness? Read on to learn nine ways to make your bedroom extra cozy and keep you warm all autumn long.



9 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozier this Autumn


  1. Transition to natural materials.

    Natural materials like silk, linen, and stone make the average bedroom feel like an earthy escape. The look and feel of natural materials puts your mind at ease. Avoid using manmade materials in your bedroom (especially plastics and metals) as these can make the room feel cold and unwelcoming. Silk bedding (like duvet covers or throws) are a great way to incorporate natural and gorgeous fabrics into your autumn bedroom décor.


  2. Stick to calm imagery for wall art and photos.

    The bedroom is not the best place to hang photos from your latest adventure or stimulating works of art. Save these masterpieces for more active places in your home (like the office, kitchen, or living room). For a cozy bedroom, stick to art that evokes a sense of calm, peace, and serenity. In autumn, art that uses warm colors will make your room feel extra cozy and comforting.


  3. Use table lamps as mood lighting.

    Ceiling light fixtures can be overwhelming and too bright for winding down. To make your room instantly feel cozier, add a few table lamps instead. By having multiple smaller lights, you’ll be able to control the light levels and get just the right glow to set the mood. For a warm and peaceful vibe, why not try a Himalayan salt lamp?


  4. Decorate with comforting touches.

    Bedroom décor doesn’t have to be limited to wall art or mood lighting. Decorative silk pillows or silk throws are a simple touch that are not only pretty to look at, but cozy, as well! Find a variety of shapes and sizes to arrange on your bed and any chairs in the room.


  5. Settle in with a sitting area.

    Having a small sitting area in your bedroom instantly makes your room feel welcoming and cozy. Use this space to meditate first thing in the morning and right before bed. Add a silk lumbar pillow to support your back while you relax.


  6. Tap into Danish “hygge” with candles.

    Hygge is a Danish concept that means coziness. Turn your bedroom into an autumn hygge sanctuary with simple white or cream-colored candles. Place them in tall glass jars to reduce the risk of any accidents. If you’re concerned about fire safety, faux candles can do a great job of mimicking the cozy glow of a real flame.


  7. Treat your feet to a cozy rug.

    A simple rug can transform a boring bedroom into a cozy paradise. Even if your bedroom has carpeting, a luxurious Persian rug of fluffy faux-fur rug to rest your feet on can make all the difference.


  8. Use aromatherapy to create a cozy moment.

    Nothing helps us slip into a peaceful state faster than the smell of something soothing. Researchers have found that certain scents (like lavender) can naturally calm the nervous system and put us into a dreamy state. Add an aromatherapy diffuser to your bedroom and use calming, cozy essential oils like cinnamon, clove, frankincense, or bergamot.


  9. Dress cozy.

    To fully enjoy a cozy bedroom this autumn, you’ll need to dress the part! Slip on the coziest pajamas you’ll ever wear - Luxury Pajamas. When the temperatures drop, wrap up in a Silk Kimono Robe to stay warm.

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