Lushan Silk History officer

Yuan Dexiu was born in Henan (now Luoyang, Henan) in the Tang Dynasty. Lushan county magistrate. He is kind and loves his people like a son. We Lushan people produce silk and reeling silk. At that time, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty visited Lushan and asked yuandexiu county magistrate to deliver more silk and beautiful women to sing. Yuandexiu county magistrate knew the people's suffering. I can't bear to ask farmers to increase taxes. He took the zither and took the zither player to play for the emperor. It played the piano about the suffering of the people. At that time, other bureaucrats flattered the emperor and increased taxes regardless of the people's suffering, while yuan Dexiu risked being beheaded to sing the people's suffering, moved the wise emperor and reduced the taxes of the people in Lushan. Called God by the people. Since then, the county magistrate of Yuan never called for the payment of taxes in Lushan. When it was time to pay, he came to the Qintai to play the piano. If there was grain, he paid the imperial grain. If there was no grain, he never called for the payment. Won the praise of the people. At the same time, vigorously support the silk industry. The silk of Lushan was able to survive for a long time until the Qing Dynasty reached its peak. So far, we still have Qintai site in Lushan as a memorial.

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